"Inspired by castles and castellations, Maggie worked with the whole of Years 5 and 6 and together we built a castle wall in the playground using concrete, ceramic and mosaics. This has since become a well loved quiet play area. "

Martin Neave, Headmaster Larkman Middle School, Norwich

"Maggie Campbell has a regional reputation for delivering high quality creative learning experiences and imaginative outcomes with children of all ages, abilities and disabilities"

Anna Macathy, Arts Education Project Developement Officer, Norfolk County Council


ceramic wall faces and a benchThese ceramic faces - which are self-portraits of the pupils - are at Banham Primary School in Norfolk. The pupils each made a face out of clay which was then fired, a render was applied to the wall and the faces then set into it.

The seat below is made from concrete blocks with African animals, made by the pupils, set into it.