"The masks, costumes and props Maggie made with the students created real theatre from a school production with their dramatic and colourful impact on both the performances and the play"

Tony Newman, Deputy Head, St. Josephs High School

"Maggie Campbell has a regional reputation for delivering high quality creative learning experiences and imaginative outcomes with children of all ages, abilities and disabilities"

Anna Macathy, Arts Education Project Development Officer, Norfolk County Council



construction of a frog mask

Papier mache is a well established craft technique, it is easy to learn and uses readily available and cheap materials. It involves building up layer upon layer of pasted paper, which is then baked or left to harden and once dry can be painted.

The frog mask above was made for the Broads Authority Redgrave Lopham Fen.

The Egyptian Pharaoh mask and the monkey mask were made with the members of Swaffham Referral Unit.

The bird masks on the right are my own and made with a frame-held clay base covered over with papier mache with paper feathers added.

2 bird papier mache maskspharoah papier mache mask monkey papier mache mask