"In Maggie Campbell's 35 year career she has worked for organisations as varied as international theatre companies, wildlife trusts and international environmental organisations, the BBC Visual Effects Department, Madame Tussauds and the South Bank Education Department. She is highly experienced in working in schools, with local authority departments and with voluntary and community organisations, ensuring that project participants create imaginative, individual and high quality work.

Nicky Stainton, Chief Executive, Creative Arts East

"Maggie Campbell has a regional reputation for delivering high quality creative learning experiences and imaginative outcomes with children of all ages, abilities and disabilities"

Anna Macathy, Arts Education Project Development Officer, Norfolk County Council


As an accomplished craftsperson and sculptor I make to order a range of attractive and elegant household items such as screens, lights and indoor and outdoor sculptures.

As well as being a perfect treat for your own home they make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, new homes and birthdays.

WILLOW AND TISSUE-PAPER LIGHTSScreens and Lights made from willow and paper

The light-shades and lamp-shades are made from a willow frame covered with fire resistant paper which is hung on a metal stand.

The willow branches extend beyond the top of the shades which gives the lamps an elegant natural look. To complement the subtle, translucent sheen of the paper, they have subtly colourful motifs of simple leaf-like shapes, all of which magically comes alive when the lights are switched on.

two photos of the willow and tissue paper  lights

They come in three sizes: