"In Maggie Campbell's 35 year career she has worked for organisations as varied as international theatre companies, wildlife trusts and international environmental organisations, the BBC Visual Effects Department, Madame Tussauds and the South Bank Education Department. She is highly experienced in working in schools, with local authority departments and with voluntary and community organisations, ensuring that project participants create imaginative, individual and high quality work."

Nicky Stainton, Chief Executive, Creative Arts East

"Maggie Campbell has a regional reputation for delivering high quality creative learning experiences and imaginative outcomes with children of all ages, abilities and disabilities"

Anna Macathy, Arts Education Project Development Officer, Norfolk County Council


Willow and tissue paper is very versatile, strong and very light and it can be used to create a wonderful range of shapes and sizes.


huge hanging dragon made from willow

This was part of a project run by Creative Partnerships called 'Footprints', and culminated in a huge exhibition at the prestigious Castle Museum in Norwich.

I worked with St Augustines Primary School and our contribution was an enormous (life-sized!) flying dragon, which, during the exhibition, was suspended from the ceiling of the museum. The sea monster is made of circles, representing scales, linked together, and everyone in the school made a circle.


Other animals can be constructed on a smaller scale, particular favourite's include fish, butterflies, dragonflies and birds which can all be painted bright colours.

a fish and a butterfly made from willow and tissue paper

This technique can also be used to make wonderful, colourful masks and household items such as screens and lighting .