"Working with Maggie the students not only had the chance to try new techniques and learn new skills, they also worked with new materials and created extraordinary, original sculptures. "

Julia Burrows, Head of Art, St. Bernards High School, Slough

"Maggie Campbell has a regional reputation for delivering high quality creative learning experiences and imaginative outcomes with children of all ages, abilities and disabilities"

Anna Macathy, Arts Education Project Development Officer, Norfolk County Council



students working on their egyptian sculptures

Students working on their sculptures of Egyptian monuments - finishing off the clay (above left); chipping away the plaster to reveal the sculptures now cast in cement (above middle and right).

The two parts of the plaster mould, separated from the original clay sculpture, being cleaned up, and then coated in slip (below left) .

The two parts are re-assembled ready for filling with cement (below right).

a student making a mould of a pharoah's head the re-assembled mould of a pharoah's head

cement sculpture of a pharoah's headAfter casting the cement sculpture of a pharaoh's head is nearly complete and just needs the remnants of plaster to be chipped away (right).